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Maglib Software License


(You must read and accept the license above before download software)



The software as described above and called "MAGLIB" is filed under no IDDN.FR.001.250012.00.R.P.1999.000.31235 at the program protection Agency situated in Paris (119 Rue de Flandres, 75019 PARIS - FRANCE)

The CNES grants the licensee, be it a physical person or a legal entity, a free non-exclusive license.

This license is established in French and English, the French version being the sole binding version.

The license is subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute, the latter will be presented before the Paris court that has jurisdiction.


On this initial version of the "MAGLIB" software available in source code accompanied by the instructions, the CNES grants the licensee the right to use, reproduce and redistribute the software on a free "as is" basis only. The CNES furthermore grants the licensee the right to translate, modify and adapt, and incorporate this same software into another software.

For translations or new versions of the "MAGLIB" software or versions implying incorporation of the software into another software carried out by the licensee, the latter can distribute them free of charge or for a fee.

The initial version of the "MAGLIB" software can also be sold indirectly if it is only part of a global commercial proposal.

Redistribution of the software by the licensee under the above conditions is authorised be it free of charge or for a fee provided that the rights concerning the CNES part in the sub-licenses are transferred under the same conditions as in this license.

The rights stipulated above are granted to the licensee on the distinct understanding that:

§ it is essential to maintain the CNES copyright and the reference to this license that appears on each copy of the initial version of the "MAGLIB" software and the accompanying instructions but also on all the copies of each translation or new version or any software in which the "MAGLIB" software has been incorporated.

§ the licensee will not use the "MAGLIB" software in any way that could damage the image of the CNES, notably its scientific and technical reputation.

§ that the licensee, in the event of redistribution of the "MAGLIB" software will ensure that the source code and the corresponding instructions are delivered.

If the licensee should fail to satisfy any one of these conditions he would become ipso facto an illegal user liable to prosecution for infringement. Furthermore, the CNES declares that the "MAGLIB" software was not designed or developed with a view to designing, building or servicing nuclear or medical installations. Consequently the licensee undertakes not to use it to the ends put forward above and guarantees the CNES that neither he nor any third party to whom he may have redistributed the "MAGLIB" software will use it to these ends .

Moreover, the CNES, concerned to improve the software, would like to benefit from the improvement or new versions of the "MAGLIB" software that the licensee may have made. The same applies to any improvements or new versions of the "MAGLIB" software made by his sub-licensees.

In the event that the aforementioned accept to allow the CNES to benefit from the improvements or new versions, the licensee will make the necessary arrangements in order to be in a position to communicate this information to the CNES.

Delivery to the CNES of the source code and instructions concerning these improvements or new versions made by the licensee or sub-licensee authorises the CNES to redistribute them under the same conditions as those stipulated in this license.

It follows that the licensee, on the improvements or new versions made by himself or those made and communicated by his sub-licensee for which he himself will obtain the necessary transfer of rights, will grant the CNES free of charge and with no exclusive right, a right to use, reproduce, translate, modify and adapt, incorporate into another software and to redistribute free of charge or for a fee.


The licensee uses the "MAGLIB" software as supplied, on an "as is" basis, at his own risk, without any guarantee of any kind from the CNES. The CNES is under no obligation to correct the bugs or any deficiencies of any nature in the "MAGLIB" software.

Any guarantee, whatever the express or implicit conditions, any alleged marketing guarantee or guarantee against an action for infringement is excluded here. The CNES is not responsible for any damages sustained by the licensee that may result from the use, modification or distribution of the "MAGLIB" software or its derivative versions.

Similarly, the CNES is not responsibly in any way for any loss of income, profit or data or any direct or indirect damages liable to arise from using the software or because the latter is not operative, even if the CNES has been warned of the prospect of such damages.

By using the "MAGLIB" software, the user accepts the terms of the above license.

If you "click" now, this means that you accept all the conditions of this license.