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                              Install Instructions

                    (c) 2010 - 2018, Artenum, Paris, France


1) Contents

This package contents the source codes and all needed compilation/configuration
scripts of the Iris-SEY IME. Iris-SEY is an Integrated Modelling Environment
(IME) that helps the user to perform the whole modelling chain, from the
pre-processing phase to the simulation results analysis.


2) Pre-requisites

For binary based releases:

No specific installation is required. Just unzip/unpack the present release
and run the launching command as described in the README.TXT file. Be careful,
on windows operating system, the default unzip application may not work.
In this case, please use 7zip application.

For source code based releases:

The compilation process of Iris-SEY requires the following
elements installed before:

- Standard Java Development Kit (JDK-SE)
- Apache Maven (see

- The Apache Felix runtime configured for Iris-SEY and as packaged in the
binaries releases.


3) Installation and compilation process

Once downloaded, the zip file containing the Iris-SEY release has to be
extracted on the machine it will be used on to ensure that the software is

All third party components and dependencies are automatically handled through
the Maven based compilation process. See Artenum's Maven repository for further
informations (see

For this reason, you must be connected to internet to compile Iris-SEY.

To compile, go into the root directory and type the following command:

    mvn clean install -DskipTests=true