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Please read attentively the provisions of this License before downloading the SOFTWARE. The
use of the SOFTWARE by the Licensee means that the latter has agreed with the provisions of
this License.
The SOFTWARE as described thereof, property of CNES and named RBSDYN has been registered at
the Agence pour la Protection des Programmes (119 rue de Flandres, 75019 Paris) under the number
As a work, the SOFTWARE is protected by the french Code of intellectual property (article L111-1 and
next of the Code)
On the SOFTWARE, CNES grants to the Licensee, who can be a physical or a moral person, a nonexclusive
and untransferable free License.
The License is established in french and english. In the case of a dispute, the french version is the one
that prevails.
This License is governed by french law. If any dispute should arise, litigation shall be settled by the
competent court.
The License shall last for ten (10) years.
In any case, this License will not have a total duration longer than the legal protection of copyright
The present License is granted worldwide.
CNES grants to the Licensee a non exclusive right to use, free of charge, the SOFTWARE provided as
an executable. The right exclusively consists in the implementation of the SOFTWARE in order to get the
relevant operation.
Licensee is not authorized to grant sub licences of the SOFTWARE.
The Licensee is not authorized to make copies of the SOFTWARE, other than a backup if it is necessary
to preserve the use of the SOFTWARE.
Every year from 31/01, Licensee has to obtain from CNES the SOFTWARE’s activation key making an
application to the following address:
The rights thereof granted are submitted to several conditions :
- any commercial use is strictly prohibited ;
- adapting, transforming modifying or translating the SOFTWARE is prohibited ;
- the Licensee agrees to mention and retain all copyright and other proprietary notices and gives
the name of CNES for all publications and presentations related to the SOFTWARE ;
- using the SOFTWARE in a manner which may harm CNES’s image and reputation is prohibited ;
If the Licensee would not respect all these conditions, he would immediately become a counterfeiter and
could be sued for counterfeit.
The Licensee uses the SOFTWARE as it is provided herein at his own expense, risks, without any
guarantee from CNES. Any guarantee of any kind such as guarantee against counterfeit is here
CNES cannot guarantee that the SOFTWARE is free from bugs and defaults, and has no obligation of
correcting any anomalies of any kind nor any deficiencies of the SOFTWARE. CNES cannot guarantee
that the SOFTWARE is consistent with the Licensee's needs.
In the same way, CNES is not responsible for any loss of profit or revenue, or data, or any direct or
indirect damage, which could arise from the use of the SOFTWARE or the inability to use the
SOFTWARE. The Licensee accepts that CNES cannot be sued.
If the Licensee violates those terms and conditions, without prejudice to all damages on CNES’s behalf,
this License ends immediately. In that case, the Licensee will send back to CNES or destroy the
SOFTWARE and all its copies and no claim for any kind of compensation can be made against CNES.