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 In the GNSS frame, with the deployment of Galileo and modernized GPS with the aeronautical civil frequency L5, a new generation of the SBAS system was defined permitting to use multi-constellations with the two frequencies L1 & L5 (DFMC). For this purpose, a new standard SBAS called DFMC was defined and will operate in the new dual-frequency multi-constellation (DFMC) environment.

The DSVP tool generates the sequence of broadcast SBAS DFMC messages compliant to the SBAS DFMC with the aim to test the new standard. The tool is a prototype of a SBAS DFMC with performance analysis means.  This tool has been developed by CNES under a contract with Egis Avia to support the consolidation of the SBAS DFMC standardisation activities related to the SBAS Interoperability Working Group (IWG).