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 The CNES CCSDS-PAIS software is a prototype, whose purpose is to implement part of the CCSDS-PAIS standard (Producer Archive Interface Specification, CCSDS 651.1-B-1, available at It describes the set of data to be transferred from a Producer to an Archive, and validates them according to standardized criteria.


It is a java implementation that conforms to the CCSDS Producer Archive Specification (PAIS) recommended practice based on the PAIS XML schemas, and uses other components such as a Derby database for the management of the Data Objects received by the Archive. These components are under open source licenses, the text of these licenses are included in the download folder.


Operating Systems (minimal) : JDK 1.6, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10, Linux


Associated products:

dataChecker (Eclipse Public License)

derby (Apache 2.0 License)

java  (Oracle Binary Code License)

jaxen (BSD License)

jdom  (BSD License)

jgraph  (LGPL License)

log4j  (Apache 2.0 License)

microba  (BSD License)

saxpath  (Apache-style License)

spring  (Apache 2.0 License)

utils  (LGPL-2.1 License)

xerces  (Apache 2.0 License)

xstream  (BSD License)


Documentation :

Installation and User Manual


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