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The ECSSeed software is a Control tool for the building and the adjustment of technical data packets in conformity with the requirements ECSS- M40C (small adaptation of ISO 10303 standard Step AP232) on the technical documentation exchange in the space domain. Beyond Simplifying AND homogenizing of the Exchanges formats, the compliance of the standard simplifies the Recordings in an Electronic Document management system.


Technically, a data package is an archive file (usually .zip). This archive contains a lot of directories and files, which are accompanied by a Specific Directory Containing metadata. These metadata describe the Transmitted files and the data package itself. The normalized description is included in a XML file. This file contains the minimum required fields of the standard.


ECSSeed allows a user:


- to open a data package, to navigate in the tree (folders), to consult sheets (description of files) and to access the files described by a file,


- to check the consistency of the XML schema , and check if each file is well described , correct possibly


- to translate the original metadata own to the recipient in order to simplify these imports in a GED, or to generate a user interface with an Excel file, which is composed of relative links to Windows directories,


- to create descriptive files exploiting the metadata present in an Office document. To add the files with the same name but different extension (eg a .PDF)


- to supplement , modify, correct, delete rename the files,


- to build simply a folder tree, to complete or modify these, by  drag and drop of descriptive file or complete tree of directory


- to manage a corporate database, the people and translating of metadata in order to simplify the creations and corrections.


Langage :


ECSSeed is developed C#


Operating System :


ECSSeed can be executed in Windows (XP, 7, 8) Environment. Software for Linux will be deployed in the future


Contact :


Responsable outil (EKIS FRANCE)



Available version (With User Manual) 2016/09:   




Checksums Sha256 :


Calculation Algorithm SHA-256
ECSSeed -    9fa1323e6c25f22a73f6afdc077a5e7af9f415d7f8c8fe3d41930765f3a1f156