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The data description workbench BEST


The BEST workbenh results from a CNES and ESA soint effort  and offers a tool suite allowing to:

- designate the projects which data are to be described  (Projects Manager)
- describe project data (OASIS modeller)
- simulate data compliant with their description (Data Product Editor)
- read or write data (through an API available for C, Ada, Java, FORTRAN)
- check the data compliance with respect to their description
- validate data thanks to several  utilities (ASCII dump, curves drawer)

Plugins, added to Oasis, offer additional editors :

- Monitoring & Control plugin to describe the content of a Satellite data base
- XSD plugin to describe XML data using XML Schema (without any knowledge of the required syntax)

Based on the internal format of BEST (XIF format) characterized by the .xif extension, other tools have been developped

- ALADIN to compare successive versions
- SCRIBE for Interface Control Documents production


Supported operating systems:


Windows (7, XP, 2000), Linux, SUN OS


Required product:




User manuals:


Note : Please check from time to time if the manual has been updated since your last download

To get the BEST User Manual save the target of the following link : User Manuel for BEST (V3.5)


To get the User Manual of the monitoring & control plugin of BEST save the target of the following link : User Manual for M&C plug-in (V3.5.2)  
To get the User Manual of SCRIBE save the target of the following link :
User Manual for SCRIBE
To get some clues about how to describe complex data save the target of the following link : 


About XIF format:


The internal format of BEST (also backup format) is an XML format whose syntax is specified in the folowing documents:

XIF format (3.1 - only in french)
XIF extensions format (2.4 - only in french)

A library to process (read/write) a XIF file is available with Best. See
the tutorial.


Contact :