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The SIMU-CIC application allows the generation in the Scilab - CelestLab environment of ephemeris files compliant with the CIC protocol which is derived from the CCSDS standard.



 The application describes the mission scenarios taking into account the description of:

  • orbit parameters,
  • ground stations location,
  • spacecraft geometry,
  • and attitudes sequences.

The orbit can be described using standard orbit elements (state vector) or properties associated to specific types of orbits (Repeat, SSO, Frozen…). In addition, the application allows to import a trajectory produced by another tool or generated from a TLE and use it as a reference for the simulation.

The satellite attitude is determined by taking into account only geometrical considerations. The characterization of the attitude is done in three steps:

  • description of attitude laws,
  • description of elementary conditions,
  • and definition of the attitude sequence that associate the defined laws to geometrical conditions.

The applications generate numerous ephemeris and geometry files but also plots. An integrated function is provided to start the VTS visualization application.



Warning : simu-cic cannot be loaded if Scilab 6.1.1 is used. Before this issue is fixed you can use the following workaround: Type scf() in the console before loading simu-cic.

Scilab 6.0.2 or 6.1

Windows (32/64 bits)