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PATRIUS_DATASET is a small library and set of environment data for PATRIUS.

It makes quite easy to configure PATRIUS data for these different usages:

  • Solar activity for atmospheric models needs
  • Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP)
  • Third bodies ephemeris from JPL (DE 405 / 406)
  • Earth potential models, oceanic tides data
  • Geomagnetic models
  • Time scales (UTC-TAI)

Link this library and add this simple line of code at the beginning of your program and it will be fully operational!


PATRIUS_DATASET is regularly updated with up-to-date data, but PATRIUS users can still use low level mechanisms to access their own specific data.

Java ≥ 1.8 since V1.4.0 (≥1.7 for 1.1.0 and ≥1.6 before)

Windows, Linux