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PATRIUS is a core space dynamics Java library that enables to quickly develop high level algorithms such as orbit extrapolator. PATRIUS contains several sub-libraries that work together and cover low level classes (i.e.: such as matrix, vectors, orbits parameters) as well as high level classes and interfaces (i.e.: numerical propagators, attitude laws, manoeuvers sequences).

All the main domains of space dynamics are available:

  • Analysis, algebra & geometry core library (quaternions, derivable functions, integrators …)
  • Core objects for space dynamics (dates, orbits, frames...)
  • Orbit propagation: analytical, semi-analytical and numerical propagators, a full set of force models
  • Maneuvers: impulsive or continuous thrust, sequences
  • Attitude: extensible set of attitude laws, sequences and guidance framework
  • Events: event detection (orbital, sensor events, etc.) and post-processing (chronograms)
  • Spacecraft: characteristics of mass, geometry (drag force), sensors field of view, etc.

PATRIUS got a deep validation by comparison with precise orbitography tools. Moreover, it is now fully used by CNES tools, in particular for operational flight dynamics subsystem (FDS). For that reason the criticity level is “C”.

Furthermore, PATRIUS design relies on extensible Java interfaces and robust design patterns.

A data package (PATRIUS_DATASET) is also provided in addition allowing access to some data models.

PATRIUS is provided as Open Source under license Apache 2.0. Java doc is accessible via this site and a Wiki soon.

Java ≥ 1.8 since V4.3 (≥ 1.7 since V4.0, ≥ 1.6 else)

Windows, Linux