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MSLIB90 is a flight dynamics library making available different kind of software components. The whole of routines included in this library covers several flight dynamics domains.

MSLIB90 corresponds to the Fortran90 version of the MSLIB77 flight dynamics library which is no more maintained since December 2004; nevertheless. The few entities who still have a running MSLIB77 license may contact CNES for direct support.

The software components are the following ones:

  • Computation routines with their modules and interfaces
  • Real and integer type definitions
  • Parameters definitions
  • Derived data types definitions (data structures),
  • Anomaly management

MSLIB90 components are grouped in several themes as, for example:

  • “Date, duration” theme including routines for converting dates (calendar, julian epochs) and durations
  • “Fundamental frames“ theme including routines allowing to execute frames conversions
  • “Orbital parameters conversion” theme including a set of routines allowing transformations of different forms in a same reference frame.
  • “Extrapolation” theme including a set of analytical models for extrapolating orbits as well as some associated routines (mean orbital parameters for example)
  • “Maneuvers and orbital transfers” theme including a set of routines for maneuvers computation and orbital transfers.

Fortran 90

SunOS Solaris 10 (32 bits), Linux Red-Hat 6.3 (32 et/ou 64bits)