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MIPELEC is a software tool that computes minimum time low-thrust orbital transfers.

For a given initial orbit, a final orbit, and the characteristics of the low-thrust propulsion system (specific impulse, thrust modulus and satellite initial mass), MIPELEC computes the thrust history that minimizes the transfer duration. The outputs of the software are:

  • the evolution of orbital parameters along the transfer,
  • the evolution of the mass of the satellite,
  • the evolution of the thrust direction (in-plane direction and out-of-plane direction).

This software is a useful tool for people who are working on low-thrust satellite mission analysis.

For the 1.0 version, the delivery corresponds to the sources of this software.Since 2.1 version, only the binary executable file (with a GUI and a test case) is provided.


Java ≥ 1.6 for versions 2.x and Fortran77 for version 1.0

Windows, Linux