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 GENOPUS is a software library including widgets, written in Java by using GENIUS product and corresponding to flight dynamics objects available via PATRIUS library.



So, for example, we could find widgets allowing to:

  • Entry of a date with timescale an conversions.
  • Entry of orbit definition (date, frame, parameters) and conversions.
  • Entry of impulsive maneuver, continuous thrust maneuver or a sequence of maneuvers combining both types.
  • Entry of attitude laws individually or via a sequence of laws.
  • Entry of orbital events (eclipse, …).
  • Entry of force models (potential, atmosphere, solar pressure radiation, …).




As it is coded in Java, this product is available for any kind of platforms owning Java. Nevertheless, it needs GENIUS and PATRIUS products.

Since V2.1 version, an autonomous tool with its own GUI (so no need to code) managing orbit conversions is available (gporbitconvertor-x.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar).

GENOPUS is now internally used by CNES for most of expertise tools development as for other tools as PSIMU or more operational role as ELECTRA.

GENOPUS is provided as Open Source under license Apache 2.0. Java doc is accessible via this site (see Documentation).

Java ≥ 1.8 since V2.1.1 (Java ≥ 1.7 else)

Windows, Linux