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CelestLab is a Scilab toolbox for Space Flight Dynamics. It has been developed for mission analysis purposes.

CelestLab can be used for trajectory analysis and orbit design for various types of space missions. It allows engineers to perform tasks such as: orbit propagation, attitude computation, elementary maneuver computation, change of reference frame, change of coordinate systems...

The functions are arranged into several categories:

  • Coordinates and frames: Definition of reference frames, time scales, types of coordinate systems...
  • Geometry and events: Computation of orbital geometry and orbital events (ground station visibility ...)
  • Interplanetary: Interplanetary and 3-body problem
  • Math: Mathematical functions
  • Models: Models for atmospheric density, Sun and Moon position,...
  • Orbit Properties: Orbit properties (Sun synchronicity, repeating ground tracks, frozen orbits, drift of orbital elements ...)
  • Relative motion: Relative trajectory analysis using Clohessy-Wiltshire formalism
  • Trajectory and maneuvers: Orbit propagation and maneuver computation
  • Utilities: Miscellaneous and multi-purpose functions


Scilab >= 5.5.0

Windows (32/64 bits), Linux(32/64 bits), MacOS