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Welcome to the CNES Freeware server

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The Centre National d'Études Spatiales has produced various software for the space projects it has conducted. This software covers a broad range of topics, from normalization to space dynamics and simulation tools. Some were developed to support CNES internal needs and are now available to the international community.


Depending on the software, license rights may vary. There are three main license types:


- in the non-restrictive case, the software is published in source form without any restrictions, it can even be included in a commercial offer,


- in the intermediate case, the software is published either in source or compiled form, and it can be used as you want and distributed as long as no charge is made. However, authorization from CNES is required if it is to be included in a commercial offer,


- in the most restricted case, a non-transferable license allows to use the software.


All this software is published free of charge and without any warranty. All of it is used by CNES, some of it has already been used operationally for several years.


For any question, please contact